Top 10 EDM Vines To Follow


By now everyone has heard of Vine, if you haven’t, you should get out more.

Even with its growing popularity its not a super active social media platform for many EDM artists.  Even we slept on Vine for a little while, but come to find out, after using it for the past two months, its amazing.  It blows away Instagram video, mostly because they are only six seconds meaning quicker load times (sometimes less is more).  But also because the videos loop, which make the mediocre videos seem to get better with each six second interval.  Also Vine users seem to put a lot more thought a creativity into them.

So here is our list of Top 10 EDM Vine’s to follow.  Hopefully more EDM artists will start stepping up their Vine game.

10. Wolfgang Gartner

9. Bassjackers

8. Krewella

7. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

6. College EDM

5. Teen Wolf

4. Carnage

3. Borgore

2. Steve Aoki

1. Dillon Francis


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