8 Things EDM Fans Are Great At

edm fANS

For the sake of labeling for this post, we will call ourselves “EDM Enthusiasts.” “Raver,” is not a term we necessarily love, but there are many of you who do, as well as many who don’t.  But I am sure we can all agree on one thing, we all love EDM, hence “EDM Enthusiasts.”

EDM Enthusiasts’ however often catch slack for our unique way of living.  From sleepless nights, to our glass half full outlook on life. People might not understand us, and most of us are completely fine with it, but we can say this, don’t knock it until you try it.  I am sure countless people can attest to one of their EDM friends bringing them to their first show, and changing their lives forever. So here is a list of 8 things “EDM Enthusiasts” are great at.

8. Being Happy


7. Going To Work On No Sleep


6. ID’ing That Song You have been Searching For

Id'ing song

5. Sharing


4. Dancing (Not All)

GB Dancing

3. Spending All Their Money on Shows

Spending money

2. Having an open mind

Open Mind

1. Not giving a fuck what other people think



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