#SELFIE… A Gift or A Curse for an EDM Producer?


With success, come haters.  It’s almost like a natural law.  I think Newton came up with it right after, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.   So the question is, did Chainsmokers effectively just turn themselves into LMFAO or become a part of the EDM producers A-list?

If you weren’t familiar with the Chainsmokers prior to their hit, this isn’t their first track.  They’re somewhat accomplished, hard working producers who have some excellent songs under their belt.  But what many people will now and forever know them for, is their hit crossover single, “#SELFIE.”

From being played on every Top 40 radio station across the country to Vine memes, #SELFIE is everywhere.  Face it, it’s a catchy tune.  Funny vocals from the all too familiar self entitled club girl (who everyone can relate to), with a fun beat and catchy melody.  What is not to like, right?

Well, for as many people that love the song, there are just as many that hate it.  Particularly die hard EDM fans, who almost feel a betrayal toward such producers, and hate when people (fans) claim to love EDM but just have #SELFIE on repeat.  There are the big EDM fans that love it, but at the end of the day, love or hate, will the Chainsmokers ever be taken seriously after becoming famous for such a silly song? If their next track is a serious singer vocal track with an incredible production behind it, will it get the attention it deserves or will people go, oh those #SELFIE guys trying to make serious music, tell them to stick to the silly stuff.

The obvious situation that I can think of that relates to this is Baauer’s hit track ‘Harlem Shake,” which practically became a worldwide phenomenon overnight.  Now I am not sure if #SELFIE has the same recognition of Harlem Shake but it’s pretty damn close.   The one thing that might set them apart is, Harlem Shake was not made to be silly, it took on a life of its own.  #SELFIE on the other hand, was I imagine intended to be a pop crossover.

Now Baauer has gone on to become very successful from Harlem Shake and become a well known producer not just in the EDM world but in music, while still remaining respected from his original and EDM fans.  But as I said his intention was not to be the Harlem Shake guy, Chainsmokers intended to be the #SELFIE guys.

Don’t get me wrong this is going to catapult the Chainsmokers into a whole new territory and kick their music careers into hyper drive, and good for them rightfully so.  But are they now going to be for a lack of a better word, shunned by true EDM fans who I would say make up a majority of the EDM community, or will they have a long illustrious music career?

So I ask #SELFIE, a gift or a curse for an EDM producer…?


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