10 Things You Need To Do To Prepare For Festival Season


With Ultra Music Festival four days away and summer around the corner, that means one thing, IT’S FESTIVAL SEASON! So we took the liberty of compiling a list of the some things you need to do, to prepare for an EDM festival.

10.  Save Money

This should probably be number one because without it, you will be sitting on the couch next to mom.  So work your ass off to save money for tickets. Festivals aren’t cheap these days but they are definitely worth it.

Save Money

9. Make Plenty of Kandi

We don’t know if there is such a thing as too much. So start making or collecting your kandi now.  And be prepared to trade because you never know who you will meet at a rave who will change your life forever!


8. Fire Power

Unfortunately phone batteries don’t last forever, so you will definitely need to get a back up battery or charger for your phone. A dead phone and no friends in site is not a good feeling… trust us!

Be right back

Main Stage

7. Get Fresh

An EDM festival is definitely the one place you can feel free to express yourself. Booty shorts, flowered clothing, fluffy boots, whatever floats your boat. No matter what you wear you won’t be judged.

Rave ready

rave closet

6. Get Sunglasses

Why are sunglasses important????? Because you don’t want to look like this…..


5. Get in Raving Condition

Get your body in optimal raving condition. Many festivals are 8, 10, 12 hours or  longer and go on for days! You are on your feet most if not all of the time and probably jumping around and dancing like no one’s watching. The last thing you want to do is not be able to keep up.  So get to the gym and get those cardio workouts in!!


4. Get a Festivalprobz FestivalSolutionz Kit

Too lazy to get the Festival essentials yourself? Not a problem, our good friends at Festivalprobz have you covered with their Festivalprobz FestivalSoulutionz kit. The kit includes a Drawstring Bag, Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, Water resistant protective phone bag (our favorite), Raveolution Recovery Formula for the morning after and a bunch more. Order it now to get it in time.

3. Aint Nobody F***ING With My Clique

Choose the right crew! Its not just about the event, its about creating memories that will last a lifetime.





2. Request Time off

This inst a must but if you can get it, its nice. Especially for our seasoned ravers who just aren’t springing up like they used to.


1. Get Prepared to have the time of your life.

This goes for everyone, from our veterans to our rave virgins, be prepared for a life changing moment. Because whether it is your first our your 200th these are going to be amongst some of the best memories you will make in your life.

First Rave



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