The EDM Battleground: Can’t We All Just Get Along


With the ever growing popularity of Electronic Dance Music, it seems it has opened up a pandora’s box of anger, negative comments and unwarranted opinions. And you know what they say about opinions, they are like assholes, everyone has them and they all stink.

What some might consider to be the beginning of the end for EDM, I just see as growing pains. Of course not everyone is going to like all the details that come along with the rapid growth of the EDM culture. Some say it is a fad, some say ‘the bubble will burst,’ but people were saying the same thing about hip-hop 30 years ago and right now it is still one of the most popular music genres and arguably the most prevalent in pop culture. Will EDM follow a similar path? I like to think so. The extreme increase in popularity will definitely slow down but coming from a person who has been into EDM or “House Music” for 15 plus years and still not tired of it, I think many people, especially the younger fans will find themselves saying the same thing. I love it just as much now as I did 15 years ago.

The one problem I have with EDM right now is the holier than thou attitude that many people including artists have against certain forms of EDM and certain people within the culture. I just don’t get what gives someone the right to degrade, or put down what someone else likes. Two people that particularly come to mind are Deadmau5 and Seth Troxler who have been very outspoken about the state of EDM and their distaste for it. A piece of advice that I read a long time ago and something that I have tried to live my life by is: Anything you are against weakens you. Anything you are for strengthens you. Basically what that is saying is, don’t be against war, be for peace. It is something perhaps Deadmau5, Seth Troxler, and all the other supposed EDM fans should think about.

If you like a certain artist and think another sucks, fine, just go support and talk about the artist you like. If you like a certain sub genre of EDM, fine, listen to that type of EDM. Believe me; your life will be much less stressful when you don’t intentionally cause drama in it. I am so sick of people complaining especially about “pop” EDM. I got news for you, its POP-ular for a reason, people like it. No one is forcing you to listen to it or pay it any attention. EDM has grown into such a big scene that no matter how you like your EDM served, you can find talented producers, DJ’s and fans that are into the same thing. No one asked you to go to the main stage or hang out with the people there. No one even asked you to go to the festival. If you are so into your type of EDM then why don’t you take some time digging through the Beatport, Traxsource, or Juno releases, because I promise you there are thousands of hidden gems that you have never heard of.

Now, getting back to Deadmau5 and Seth Troxler, one of the biggest problems I have with them is their hypocrisy. Which I hate even more than people putting down someone else. I mean Deadmau5 wears a freaking “Mau5” head for christ sake and everything he does is just to get people’s attention. C’mon dude you are not fooling anyone (maybe you are). You don’t have a problem being gimmicky and driving around in your Ferrari and counting your money but now that you have made a name and fortune from EDM it isn’t cool anymore.

Exhibit A

And Seth Troxler is just a dude who is getting mad at the scene for changing as stated in his piece he wrote on Thump. Sorry things change. I love people who embrace change and mold with the times. If you don’t, you die. It’s called evolution. In his article entitled “Dance Festivals are The Best and Worst Places in The World,” he degrades the EDM scene and the business it has become, but he had no problem using Thump, which is a website created to exploit EDM and is the epitome of what he is denouncing about the culture to use as a springboard to catapult his voice. But that was ok. The funny thing is guess whose DJ chart was on the front of Beatport the next day.


Hmmm coincidence? Now I don’t know if this was Beatport or Seth Troxlers doing but c’mon people don’t be fooled. What he does, what deadmau5 does, is all to make themselves relevant. Guess what, I am writing this article hoping it gets clicks and people read it.

The bottom line is everyone needs to stop complaining and causing conflict within the scene because at the end of the day it is only going to hurt it and I promise you, that is not good for anyone.

From where I am standing, most of the younger people coming into the scene have a ton of respect for where it has come from, genuinely love the music, and live the P.L.U.R. lifestyle. This is one of the things in my opinion that makes the EDM scene great. And I know Kaskade agrees. Of course you are going to have your few idiots that trample over security guards and dirty girls who pee on people, that happens people do stupid shit. So ignore them, and don’t pay them any mind but don’t lump everyone into that category because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

So the bottom line is CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!


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