Review: Adventure Club @ Governor’s Island 7/26


Adventure Club held it down at Governor’s Island once again.  

This was their third time in a row headlining the venue during the NYC summer. There’s something about the sand and the water right there that makes the event special. Then you have that amazing view of Manhattan which to me is the icing on the cake. Among the supporting acts were Hunter Siegal, DSK CHK, and Delta heavy. Before the party I got an email notice stating that due to expected high capacity, the event was going to start earlier, at 3pm. It was then I knew it was going to be a crazy one.


The Canadian EDM duo,Christian Srigley and Leighton James are based out of based out of Montreal, Quebec. These two guys have gained much popularity in the recent years. Governor’s Island was packed with rating fans! Their set was different than what I’m used to hearing, however dope nonetheless.  It was a solid mix of trap to dubstep and some different styles in between. They dropped a crowd favorite, “You and Me” by Bassnectar. One of the tracks that really got the crowd going was “Annihilation” by Nom de Strip & Wiwek

The tent was elbow to elbow  packed and sweaty but worth it. The energy of the crowd inside the tent was incredible.  However,  RPM and Made Event need to put more speakers towards the back of the venue. It’s a tough pill to swallow coughing up $70 for poor sound at an event where sound is the most important factor.

Despite the sound issues, the duo who are known for playing unique sets with a little bit of every genre did just that at Governor’s Island. They never seem to fall short of expectations.  Adventure Dub for life!!

To check out more photos of the event go to – Dancing Astronaut.


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