Your Favorite DJ’s Favorite DJ: Eric Prydz Epic 3.0 Review, Pics and 3 Hour Set

Photo Credit:  Andrew Rauner
Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

New York New York, big city of dreams… and EPIC 3.0!

With the dance music scene exploding in the US over the past few years, its not rare to see artists of all sizes hit even small cities on their US tours, but that is not the case with Eric Prydz Epic 3.0. New York got treated to a one time “EPIC” showing fit for only the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden.

Starting off the night was Jeremy Olander a PRYDA artist whose infections melodic and groovy beats kept the crowd moving while awaiting Prydz. I first came across Olander with his huge tune, “Let Me Feel,” and I couldn’t wait to hear it live. He didn’t disappoint, closing his set with the track which also seemed to be a crowd favorite. The only downside of Olander’s opening performance was the extremely low sound system. However this is very common when you are the opening act. You are unfortunately forced to play a tame set and the audio system is probably half of its capability.  Their is a certain art to being the opener. You need to get the crowd ready to party but not to the point where they’re partied out. Needless to say, I will have to see Olander again as the main act.

Just a few minutes after Olander left the stage, Mr Pryda stepped on, sending the crowd into a roar. Donning his usual backward cap he stepped behind the decks and prepared for what would be a 3 hour roller coaster set.

At first glance it appeared as if there was a transparent curtain in front of him, but as the show started it was a 3-d hologram unlike anything I have ever seen. Rippling like a rain drop in a puddle. It was incredibly realistic looking. And then the show began.

Eric Prydz Epic 3.0
Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

If you have been to other big arena shows then you know most will start off immediately with the big room, raise your hand tracks, and keep the coming over and over, but not Prydz. Starting off slow, deep and melodic right where Olander left off. “WELCOME TO MY HOUSE,” rang through the speakers as the first beat dropped in.  And you were immediately reminded that Pryda is not your run of the mill big room DJ. He does things his own way. Which is the reason he is so beloved by his fans and can pack out MSG.

Eric Prydz Epic 3.0
Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

If you ask me the energy isn’t the same as at a Swedish House Mafia MSG show for example, but that is not necessarily why you are there. You are there to enjoy the musical journey that he takes you on. Going through his set like DJ’s of old, who progressively build their sets and the energy. Now of days it is more common to have one or two hour sets, so these DJ’s need to hit you with everything they got. Its a good and bad thing if you ask me. It leaves them with little time to throw in unknown and experimental tracks. But not Prydz. His set is littered with unreleased tracks and tracks made specifically for his DJ sets. Of course he hit us with his usual classics, Pjanoo, Everyday, Tumble, Liberate and my personal favorite, his remix of Not Going Home. And one of the best moments of the night, was everyone singing in unison and and touching space with his Personal Jesus remix.

To sum it up, if you are looking to go to this show, and know every track, sing along, and go crazy, you might want to pick a different show. You go to Prydz to listen to some beats, some hard hitting, get lost in the music, beats. Eric Prydz is your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ.

For more pictures go to EXAMINER.COM and enjoy the set below.



2 thoughts on “Your Favorite DJ’s Favorite DJ: Eric Prydz Epic 3.0 Review, Pics and 3 Hour Set

  1. Beautifully put, this was such an amazing show, I knew I’d never forgive myself if I’d missed it. I flew in from Western Canada just for this and was not disappointed. In fact, it was better than I had imagined.

    1. Thanks! Yes it was awesome. And good for you on the dedication! Its amazing how big this whole scene has gotten and selling out Madison Square Garden is something that is routinely done. The only thing that I think he needs to work on is I feel like the visual effects are not as good from the sides of the stage, but they are incredible regardless.

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